Prepping for Upcoming Separation

With schools, preschools, and daycares about to start, many parents far and wide are feeling nervous about upcoming separation anxiety struggles. I will be focusing much of my content over the next few months on this challenging area (look out also for my courses diving into this exact topic!). One suggestion I have for you now is to start gently talking about the coming change with your little one. Don't try to convince them that it'll be a piece of cake, that they'll make friends in no time, that they'll soon love their new environment. No need for advice in this initial stage of emotionally preparation. Instead, get yourself centered and listen to the feelings that crop up for your little. As they cry or express other emotions that spring up when thinking about separation, listen.

Later, when the emotional storms have passed, there will be time for conversations, space for them--or the two of you together--to figure out ways that might make the adjustment easier. And all the while, they will continue to have your love, support and listening ear.

A fantastic classic book that I've recently recommended to the students in my current separation anxiety course is "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell. One important theme of the story: the parent always comes back.