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I'm Susan.

I'm a social worker, parenting coach, consultant focused on

life transitions, attentive listener, and ever-curious creature.

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I have a passion for supporting the mental and emotional well being of individuals throughout the life span. I hold a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I have been trained in trauma-focused clinical practice, restorative justice in school settings, crisis intervention, motivational interviewing and other counseling modalities, grief/bereavement support, and more. I am also certified as an instructor of leading parent-education organization Hand in Hand Parenting. I live with my husband and two daughters (ages 7 and 13) in beautiful Ventura County, California.

My work as a social worker in hospice care has offered me so much learning about life and what really matters. From the conversations I’ve had with the dying as well as with their families, I have learned there is nothing more important than our relationships with ourselves and with those we love. It’s truly all about self-love and connection. And neither one is easy. There’s work involved; lots of it. And I have observed, and experienced in my own life, that this kind of work usually goes more efficiently with guidance and support.


If what I’m about seems to resonate with you and your needs, let’s talk. I am happy to schedule free 30-minute consultations. I have availability for one-on-one virtual consultations, and openings in upcoming classes and support groups.

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A Special Note
for Parents of Toddlers

If you are reading this because you are interested in my upcoming toddler-parenting offerings, I have an extra note for you: I have been where you are. I know full well the sleepless nights, the endless days, the continual battles over teeth, and food, and screens, and car seats...the relentless questioning of oneself. The parent-toddler struggle has always been real, but lately, you throw in pandemics and possibly other related or unrelated challenges, and...how can one person (or, for couples, a mere two) possibly be expected to hold all of it all?

You are not meant to. We are wired to connect with one another in parenting, to have our villages, to be supported and--when we are strong enough to do so--to support. I am on the other side of parenting toddlers, and I am ready to give you a hand...and, if you want it, some guidance.



What lights me up

01/   I get nerdy about essential oils.

02/  I was born in Japan, and my favorite memory of visiting my grandparents in their rural Japanese village was afternoon "tea time," seated on the tatami  floor with our feet under the kotatsu  table.

03/  I used to study Ayurveda, and I still utilize some related practices, such as morning tongue scraping and neti pots when I'm congested.  

04/  Speaking of pots, I LOVE my InstantPot.

05/  My two favorite places in the world are India and Glacier National Park, Montana.

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01/   Listen by Patty Wipfler & Tosha Schore

02/   Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen

03/   The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der          Kork

04/  Hold on to Your Kids by Gabor Mate

05/  The Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel

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I'd be honored to support you on your journey.  

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